Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Test Kits

What substances do you test for?

It depends. We have a few different tests in our New Norm Prevention Kit. We test for single substances, like Nicotine, with our saliva nicotine test, or over 100 substances and metabolites with our DNA-confirmed New Norm lab-based test.

How will I get my results?

Some of the tests that are included in our New Norm Prevention Kit are home-based tests—meaning you will have results within minutes! Our New Norm lab-based test will be returned to our lab in Austin, TX and you will receive results via email within 72 hours of it arriving at the lab. Results you can trust.

Why does New Norm have a saliva test and urine test?

The saliva test (called a lollipop test) is easy to use, easy to read and an easy way to introduce testing in the home. Saliva tests give accurate readings but for a shorter timeframe. For instance, if pot was used on a Friday and the test was administered on Monday, the pot may not show up. That is why we recommend random and regular testing. A urine test is more comprehensive with longer, detecting use over a longer time frame. Results can be confirmed by shipping the test to a lab which is then reviewed by a medical professional.

What does it cost to send a urine test to the lab?

Costs vary from 75 to 125 dollars. That cost is included in the purchase price.

What does Genetic testing mean?

New Norm uses the most sophisticated urine test available. Our test is patented and checks for over 100 substances and also match’s genetic markers in saliva to the the genetic markers in the urine to confirm the accuracy of the test to the individual.

About Prevention Measures

Why is drug prevention for children important?

Today’s middle school environment is ripe with problems we need to help our kids avoid. Studies have proven that middle school is when drug and alcohol experimentation begins. Science has proven that the earlier a person begins to use drugs and alcohol, the greater the chances of that person having lifelong issues with substance abuse. Think about your own experience. We all know someone from our past that was smart, funny, had everything going for them and then lost it due to drug and alcohol abuse. We may even all likely know a family member, a friend, a neighbor that has been impacted. New Norm was designed to help prevent that from being your child.

Why start New Norm in middle school?

Research has shown that middle school is when kids experiment and where peer pressure and the need to fit in may be the most intense. Middle School is new to everyone and students have not found their “niche” and often go along to get along.

What effect does trying pot have on a middle school student?

Kids 11 to 15 years of age have brains that are still very much developing and because of that, are much more susceptible to damage caused from substance use and abuse. Studies have shown that substance abuse in Middle School basically stops the developing brain and stunts the emotional and intellectual grown. Some studies have shown that IQ levels drop by several points due to substance use and abuse.

What about trust between my kid and me?

It’s similar to when good parents check on curfews, or check computers or phones for activity. Testing is trusting with confirmation. As trust is enhanced, more and more freedoms are given for the child, and more peace of mind is created for the parent. With New Norm, you may not know everything you kid is doing, but you will know what they are NOT doing. There is whole section on the New Norm site dedicated to Trust.

I understand New Norm is for middle schoolers, but I have a senior in high school I’m worried about. What should I do?

We recommend starting in middle school because everything can be harder with a high schooler. You may want to introduce New Norm to the middle schooler in the presence of the high schooler. Invite them to participate as well. Often they will be willing to agree to validate to you that they are not partaking in anything that you’ve deemed inappropriate. Sometimes they will rebel. Pro tip: If they complain and rant about you “not trusting them”, this is a distraction, a deflection, and a strong indication of use and/or potential abuse. We have partnered with notMYkid ( which has online programs for families having experienced this. While this is difficult and uncomfortable, don’t give up. Kids make mistakes and correcting them early is important.
Intervene and get help. In our experience, things do not get better on their own.

Why test for vaping?

Studies have shown that vaping is an early indication of eventual drug use or experimentation. Tobacco use in and of itself is a bad habit for a middle schooler. In today’s world, vaping is often a “disguised” way to smoke pot. Vaping has also been shown to allow other substances to be injected without the users being aware.

What if my kid asked me what I did in high school?

Answer honestly but no need to go into great detail. You may say “I tried it” but then saw the negative effect it had on some of my friends or family members. Reference someone you knew who was smart, funny, athletic and lost opportunity because of abusing drugs or alcohol.

I sometimes smoke pot on the weekends with my friends. Am I setting a bad example and being a hypocrite with my kid?

The answer is no. Kid’s brains are still developing and pot has a major impact on them. You’re a mature adult and you’ve earned the right to make your own decisions. This is not about you. This is about keeping your kid from abusing drugs or alcohol. Science has proven that if a person can get to adulthood without abusing drugs or alcohol, the chances of life long issues goes way way down.