Someone, at sometime, is going to offer your kid something.

Help protect your child.

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Peer pressure will happen, and if your child isn’t properly equipped to deal with it, it could lead to substance abuse. Kids need an easy out that enables them to say no without looking like they don’t fit in.

Spot testing your kid for things like vaping, nicotine, alcohol, or drugs is a proven path to prevention. And prevention is powerful.

Conversely, intervention is horrible, and that’s why the possibility of drug testing works. It’s also why the New Norm Prevention Plan for parents was created.

It was created because we care.

We care because we’ve been there.

As a parent, you’re likely trying to get another year under your belt of your kid not trying something. When someone, somewhere does offer your child something, New Norm is their ability to say no. They can say their parents test them and therefore they can’t partake. It’s a pre-aligned plan you’ve developed with your child, to protect your child. But in a way that’s cool, because being their wingman and excuse when they need it most is the coolest thing you can do as a parent (not to mention the kindest).

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Here’s How New Norm Works

  • Buy New Norm and place the box on your kitchen counter or in a visible place in your home.

  • Have a conversation with your child about what’s in the box and why it’s there (“hey child, listen sometime, somewhere someone’s going to offer you something. I know you’re going to feel pressure to say yes even if you don’t really want to. I want to help you with an easy out that will make it easier to say no, because you have a very strong reason to. So just like I check out your phone every once in a while to make sure you’re safe, I’ll get you to do a simple saliva test – kinda like we did during COVID. The reason for random testing is so you can say to that someone/somewhere, NO SORRY MAN – I’m not doing that. My parents test me.)

  • Encourage your child to ask questions. Expand the conversation using the New Norm conversation starters included as part of the prevention plan.

  • Random spot test your child at the interval that feels right to you. (And if you don’t spot test them but they think you will, New Norm will still work as a drug prevention plan,

  • Use the other tests within the New Norm prevention pack to switch things up and gain full confidence and peace of mind around what your child has or hasn’t been exposed to.

  • Tell other parents about New Norm and help middle school children in your circle of influence win these precious years.

There’s no downside

New Norm helps middle-schoolers win these years without being pressured into harmful distractions and addictions.

Are you ready to help protect your child?

Or are you willing to wait till it’s too late?

Why take the risk?

There’s no downside. Prevention is only upside. 

Here’s the reality

  • Substance abuse starts slowly and early. And it sneaks up on you. Often by the time it’s detected it’s too late.

  • Now that you know the facts, take action to prevent what could be a life of misery.

  • New Norm gives you the tools to prevent your child from going down that path.

  • We feel so strongly that if you cannot afford New Norm you can email our CEO at  and we will make arrangements to get you the New Norm package.

  • Save your kid’s life today.

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